Hot/Cold tubs

Memphis Hot Tub and Cold Tub Therapy 

Sore muscles can feel like part of the process, but you can take steps to avoid them. After a workout, it’s important to set your body up for a quick, healthy recovery. Our facilities provide several helpful options for athletes to recover during training. You might find other hot tubs in the Mid-South, but our experts help you make the most of hot and cold tub therapy to ensure your post-workout comfort and progress. 

Hot Tub Immersion Therapy

We recommend 10-15 minutes in our hot tubs before a workout to help warm up your muscles. This can help increase blood flow and heart rate while decreasing blood pressure — getting you in top shape for your training. It can also promote muscle relaxation when you’re already sore.

Cold Tub Therapy

A 7-12 minute cooldown in the cold tub after a workout can reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, and muscle damage.

Contrast Bath

Our hot and cold plunge tubs allow for full-body immersion, allowing you to quickly switch back and forth for the contrast method. One minute in each tub for seven rotations can help you reap the benefits of a cold tub with minimal discomfort.

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