Welcome to Accel Performance and Wellness, a training facility that offers pro-level training for every body.


Welcome to Accel, a performance and wellness a training facility that offers pro-level training for every body.

We believe that access to elite training shouldn’t be limited to professional athletes. Our performance coaches work with people of all skill and experience levels to develop programs that achieve their goals. Simply show up and bring your dedication – we’ll provide the rest.

Accel offers the industry’s best technology, equipment and performance coaches that awaken and fuel your innate desire to achieve. Whether you’re looking to dominate the pickleball court or simply want to reach your physical peak, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals.


We’re here to help you reach your physical peak – for your everyday activities or your chosen sport. Our coaches have trained aspiring collegiate athletes and professionals– and we leverage that expertise, adapting it to your experience level, to help you reach your performance goals.

When you train with us, you can expect one-on-one attention, personalized training plans based on your goals, and access to state-of-the-art facilities.


Accel is more than just a gym. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to take your health and wellbeing to the next level. You can also access all of your wellness services – small group classes, physical therapy, sauna, hot tub, cold plunge, massage therapy, nutrition – in one convenient location.

When you join, you’ll be able to enjoy a more intimate and private environment for your workouts and take advantage of a wealth of spa-like amenities.

Request a Tour


Watch the video for a quick introduction to how Accel can help you achieve peak performance.

Come tour Accel Performance.

Ready to discover how Accel’s training can be customized to achieve your goals? Request a tour and come see us to receive two complimentary training sessions.


The Accel Difference


Accel members have access to indoor and outdoor turf, state-of-the-art technology, recovery facilities, and high-end workout equipment.



Before you start training, we’ll assess your baseline abilities and help you set measurable goals based on what you want to achieve.

A trainer assessing


women on bikes


Once you’re ready to get moving, you can work with a performance coach or train on your own using the industry’s best technology and equipment.

Woman with a medicine ball


The accel recover facility


If you have an injury – or just had an intense workout – you can recover with the latest technology and spa-like services.




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Our Location


The Accel Facility   a map showing the location of accel


We’re conveniently located on the first floor of the Campbell Clinic outpatient campus at 7887 Wolf River Blvd. Germantown, TN 38138

Membership Tiers


Each membership comes with two complimentary movement assessments and one nutritional assessment with our performance coaches to help determine your personalized training regimen.


A chart showing the various tiers A chart showing the various membership tiers