Nutritional Consultations

Nutritional Consultations

Accel is proud to partner with Memphis Nutrition Group to provide nutritional counseling for members.


Memphis Nutrition Group is dedicated to helping the Mid-South change the way they think about food and health. They don’t push trendy diets or extreme exercise — they work to create meaningful, sustainable change in your relationship with food.

Paired with Accel’s commitment to identifying the movements that enhance performance, Memphis Nutrition Group offers a unique value to members who want to properly fuel their performance.


Accel members can work with Memphis Nutrition Group through:

  • On-boarding nutrition classes and workshops
  • Individual nutrition coaching sessions
  • Non-diet nutrition planning
    • Fueling for competition
    • Supporting exercise with nutrition
    • Personalizing meals and snacking
    • Eating with recovering from injury or illness

Before your first nutritional counseling session, you’ll need to provide some lifestyle information on this form.