Return to play

Return to Play

Recovering from an injury is a delicate process for anyone. When you’re a dedicated athlete, it’s about more than getting back to normal — your recovery needs to help you get better than you were before the injury.

And while physical therapy is an important part of any athlete’s recovery, it can only get you so far. That’s where our Return to Play program comes in.

Train Hard

Return to Play is an intensive 8-week course in Memphis that requires two evenings per week. You must complete a functional movement test and receive physician clearance to participate. While you’re training, you’ll have access to the best possible recovery equipment and services.

Train Smart

Our performance coaches will help build personalized plans that build on your existing physical therapy protocols and improve sport-specific movement. Since we share a campus with Campbell Clinic, we’ll also be able to provide world-leading orthopaedic insights on the best way for you to recover.

Train Together

Return to Play members recover together in small group training sessions. You’ll still receive hands-on training from expert performance therapists and coaches in the Mid-South. You can also supplement your recovery with cash-based physical therapy sessions.

Return to Play is available to both Accel members and non-members. If an injury has set you back, this is a program you won’t want to miss.

To book an appointment, please register for an account with Wellness Living at the link below. Once registered, you will be able to book classes/services directly with Accel Performance and Wellness.