Tips and Insights from Performance Experts

The Campbell Clinic foundation, in conjunction with Accel Performance and Wellness, recently hosted a virtual event featuring Dr. Xavier Duralde, who served as the orthopaedic surgeon to the Atlanta Braves from 1998-2016 and the team’s lead orthopedist from 2006-2016.

Dr. Duralde spoke to middle school athletes and their parents about how to practice injury prevention, understand what their bodies are experiencing during a training session, detect pain, monitor performance and the overall volume of pitching, and establish the right training schedules for starting and throwing pitchers. Our own Performance Physical Therapist/Coach, Brad Langley, touched on the importance of a proper warmup and dynamic exercises as they relate to performance on the baseball field.

An important takeaway from the event was how crucial rest is for successful baseball players. Dr. Duralde emphasized that every player should prioritize four months of rest in any given year. This doesn’t mean they need to take off for four consecutive months, but rather take a month-long break over the holidays, in the spring, or whenever makes the most sense. 

At Accel, we often talk about rest and recovery. We offer a wide variety of recovery modalities to our members. Our hot and cold tubs help athletes warm up their muscles before a workout and cool down at the end of one. These recovery techniques help reduce muscle soreness, inflammation and damage. We also keep our athletes healthy with our NormaTec recovery boots, manual and massage therapy, personalized blood flow restriction therapy and more.

Everything we do is research and evidence based. That’s why events like the one featuring Dr. Duralde help our team learn how we can continue to equip Mid-South athletes at any level for optimal athletic performance. Our performance coaches work with baseball teams to determine what type of training programs to implement during the off season. This includes what training schedules should look like, how many times per week teams should be lifting and more.

With Campbell Clinic just down the hall, you have access to an elite training facility, experienced physical and massage therapists, and some of the best orthopaedic doctors in the Mid-South, all under one roof. Come check out our facilities and see if Accel is the right fit for your training needs.