Tips and Insights from Performance Experts

Different facilities assess athletes in different ways. Some trainers simply have athletes perform a few exercises or look at their personal records. Accel Performance and Wellness takes a much more scientific approach using the best performance technology in Memphis and the surrounding region.

Performance Technology

These assessments are done using performance technology designed to provide in-depth movement information:

Fusionetics® Movement Assessment

Fusionetics® Movement Assessment gives us a baseline movement pattern for athletes. Members perform a series of activities, such as squats and push-ups. This functional movement is all uploaded to the cloud, where we can review results via an app. The athlete can even view videos and detailed explanations of their personalized corrective exercise in the app after the assessment.

Fusionetics provides data regarding the athlete’s flexibility, mobility and stability. It tells us which body parts are over- or under-compensating during movement, and it helps us create a personalized corrective exercise program to improve movement.

This assessment tool is used by Division I colleges and professional teams across the country. These highly competitive programs recognize the importance of assessment, and Fusionetics is one of their top choices for testing team members. We typically use the Fusionetics assessment every 10–12 weeks to see what improvements athletes have made in their training programs.

dorsaViTM Wearable Sensor Technology

dorsaViTM Wearable Sensor Technology helps give us a more detailed movement assessment. Where Fusionetics gives us a baseline for movement dorsaVi allows us to get a better view of your limits and the habits that develop when you tire. This test is more fatiguing and strenuous but gives us a wider range of results.

We offer two dorsaVi assessments: one that tests general movement and one designed for running. In both, you’ll wear the dorsaVi sensors and exercise to give us the data we need. In the Athletic Movement Index, you’ll perform the following exercises:

  • Planks
  • 20 body-weight squats
  • 10 single-leg squats
  • Single-leg hops
  • Single-leg, multi-directional hops
  • Lunges

Each exercise is measured and aggregated into an overall movement score, which helps us set a goal to overcome in your training.

The dorsaVi running assessment measures:

  • Ground force
  • Peak acceleration
  • Cadence
  • Speed
  • Symmetry
  • Ground contact time

What’s unique about this assessment for runners is that it gives in-depth, highly personalized results. You’re not counting on the eyes and observations of personal trainers — you’re getting real-time data about your body and your movement, and you’re getting in an actual running environment. Our coaches can analyze this data to create the perfect plan for you.

TPI-Certified Golf Movement Assessment

TPI-Certified Golf Movement Assessment is a test no golfer should pass up. This assessment is used to test some of the biggest names in the PGA TOUR, and it gives you a detailed movement analysis of golf specific movements and how it relates to your golf swing. Our performance coaches will measure everything from hip movement and golf specific movements that relate the golfer’s swing characteristics down to the slightest movements in your shoulder.

This information provides swing characteristics that help determine personalized, corrective exercises to help improve your game.